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MAGNETICA PASTEL 120 PIEZAS CONNETIX portadaAccording to Connetic Tiles Pastel, the use of mobile devices and playing with pieces are two activities that engage the mind and have significant cognitive differences.

Below, Connetic Tiles Pastel details some of the most notable differences:

Attention and concentration:

Mobile: The use of mobile devices often involves multitasking, with various applications and notifications competing for the user's attention. This can fragment concentration and make it difficult to delve into a specific task.

Connetic Tiles Pastel Game: Playing with Connetic Tiles Pastel pieces, such as puzzles or construction games, typically requires sustained attention to the task. Players must focus on problem-solving or creating a structure, promoting concentration and focused thinking.


Mobile: Many mobile apps offer instant entertainment but often do not require deep critical thinking. Challenges are usually simpler and resolved quickly.

Connetic Tiles Pastel Game: Pieces games, on the other hand, often present more complex problems that require strategy, planning, and problem-solving. Players must think in terms of design and structure, fostering analytical thinking.


Mobile: Although some mobile apps encourage creativity, many are designed for passive content consumption. Users often receive information rather than create it.

Connetic Tiles Pastel Game: Playing with pieces, such as building blocks or puzzles, stimulates creativity, as players can create their own structures and solutions. This encourages imagination and originality.

Fine motor skills:

Mobile: The use of mobile devices often involves the use of a touchscreen, which does not involve complex physical movements. It may not significantly contribute to the development of fine motor skills.

Connetic Tiles Pastel Game: Manipulating physical pieces, such as fitting puzzle pieces or connecting blocks, involves fine motor skills. This is beneficial for the development of manual dexterity and coordination.

Social interaction:

Mobile: Excessive use of mobile devices can lead to social isolation, as interactions often take place through screens, reducing face-to-face communication.

Connetic Tiles Pastel Game: Piece games are often played in groups or with friends and family, promoting social interaction, communication, and teamwork.

In summary, although both the use of mobile devices and playing with pieces can have cognitive benefits, there are significant differences in terms of attention, problem-solving, creativity, fine motor skills, and social interaction. The choice between these activities will depend on personal goals and individual preferences, but it is clear that traditional games like Connetic Tiles Pastel structures continue to make a difference today.

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