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We are often guilty of putting ourselves in the imaginary position of the dogs and the cats here, or even the bulls. So many pious remarks about how they are mistreated, or tied up, or end up facing a matador in his suit of lights. It’s a rare community that doesn’t have an animal protection society staffed by volunteers and we even have an animalist political party, the PACMA, which currently enjoys the support of around 300,000 voters. Animals are without a voice and perhaps they need more protection, and a champion to defend them. Especially those poor superannuated hunting greyhounds.

New Research highlights the extent of women’s homelessness


July 11th, 2017 – Growing numbers of women throughout Europe are experiencing homelessness according to new research published by Trinity academic, Dr Paula Mayock. In the Dublin region, 47% of individuals who are currently homeless are women, a figure well above the European norm, which stands at between 20% and 33% in most countries. Nationally, women comprise 42% of the total adult homeless population. Women’s homelessness is now a major social problem in Ireland. Homelessness policy, however, has largely failed to engage with the notion that women who become homeless have distinct experiences.

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With monoculture – the practice of planting a single, extended crop – comes a higher profit, but at the same more risk. The gigantic and extended olive tree population of Spain could become the next cash-crop to be in danger. As Iberia Nature says, ‘...Spain is by some way the country with the highest number of olive trees (more than 300 million), in the world and is nowadays the world's leading olive and olive oil producer and exporter.

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In the eighties, a bumper-sticker plastered on the back of a number of vehicles in the USA’s most intriguing state would read ‘Welcome to California, Now Go Home’. Behind the wheel of the old rust-bucket bought from a dealer in Detroit (where else?), This Writer felt a bit of an interloper driving around The Golden State with his travellers cheques, his snappy British accent and his half-empty jar of Ovaltine.

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As we wearily say each year about this time – there must be a new record for the heat this year. While it’s a subjective reaction, the reality appears to be – yes, it’s getting hotter with, as The Olive Press says ‘abnormally high temperatures’.

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The richest man in the world – sometimes, when he isn’t ousted to second place by Bill Gates – is Spain’s Amancio Ortega. He is estimated to have 71 thousand million euros as of November last year. (His daughter Sandra has another 7,600 million). Sr Ortega’s wealth comes from his Inditex fashion group, best known for its chain of Zara clothing and accessories retail shops (Wiki). He started pretty much from scratch in around 1950 after leaving school at 14 and finding employment in ‘the rag trade’; his father a lowly railway worker. He opened his first Zara shop in 1975.

Dejándose llevar erróneamente por los auspicios favorables de los augures electorales, la Primera Ministra británica, Theresa May, tiró por la borda tres años de mayoría absoluta al adelantar innecesariamente las elecciones generales y conseguir el rechazo parcial del pueblo británico, que le ha hecho perder al Partido Conservador (PC) su mayoría parlamentaria. Ha dilapidado durante la campaña electoral la mayor parte de los 21 puntos de ventaja que los sondeos le adjudicaban sobre el Partido Laborista (PL), que se ha quedado a tan sólo dos puntos -40% frente al 42%-, y ha provocado la resurrección del “zombi2 de su líder, Jeremy Corbyn, denostado dentro y fuera de su partido. De haber durando la campaña electoral un poco más, se podrían haber producido sorpresas aún mayores.

El Centro de Estudios Irlandeses BANNA/BOND inicia su actividad con el Curso de Verano de la UR ‘Irlanda e identidad en el cine’, que, del 26 al 28 de junio, abordará los derechos humanos, los refugiados o la violencia de género; y estrenará en España el documental Amagh Stories así como dos cortometrajes basados en un relato de Joyce y Dorian Gray rodados por estudiantes y profesores de la Universidad de La Rioja.

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According to a new survey from Metroscopia, reported in El País, now even more Spaniards distrust the judiciary, with 67% opining that the independence of the courts against political corruption is a chimera. Indeed, 84% consider that the judges are pressured by politicians to weaken their causes. Not a good time, then, for a further final push against the party funding of the Partido Popular in recent years with Mariano Rajoy himself obliged to suffer an examination at the Audiencia Nacional in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, probably in late July.

London attacker 'had 17-month-old daughter with Irish woman'

London attacker 'had 17-month-old daughter with Irish woman'
Khuram Shazad Butt, left, and Rachid Redouane have been named by Metropolitan police as being among the attackers

London killer Rachid Redounane lived in Rathmines, Dublin, for 18 months. Met Police.

An urgent inquiry is underway by police in Ireland and Britain seeking to establish if Rachid Redouane, one of the London killers who lived in the Dublin suburb of Rathmines for a time, was part of an Irish-based ISIS cell.

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Here’s an astonishing story: ‘Spain’s High Court, the Audiencia Nacional, has ruled that the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, must appear in person in court on July 26 as a witness in the so-called Gürtel trial. The court case centres on a wide-reaching kickbacks-for-contracts scandal that has plagued Rajoy’s Popular Party (PP) for years now...’ (El País in English). How has the Partido Popular allowed itself to sink so low, with a considerable number of senior party members either under investigation or in prison, and why won’t Mariano Rajoy give way to some cleaner candidate from the ranks of the party to bring it back to something approaching normalcy?  

APEDANICA pide al Ministerio de Defensa todo sobre el criptosistma TrueCrypt

CRIPTÓLOGO Dr. (PhD) Miguel Gallardo Tel.  902998352 Email Asociación APEDANICA...

CNI e INCIBE deben publicar datos y costes de descifrar para el Juzgado

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Concierto benéfico "Música contra la Corrupción"

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Inmigración ilegal, derechos humanos

Sánchez Fornet 28 de agosto de 2019 Un náufrago tiene que ser...

Mar Sánchez Sierra CONVIERTE LA PRESIDENCIA DE LA XUNTA con su cargo y acciones en una pirámide de acoso judicial, persecución institucional, amenazas y coacciones utilizando altos cargos de la Xunta contra Miguel Delgado Director de Xornal Galicia y Presidente de Pladesemapesga.