Catalonia and Ireland

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A mural espousing ties between Catalonia and Ireland in Belfast.

In the aftermath of the putative independence referendum in Catalonia, on October 1, 2017, John Dorney looks at some of the parallels between that region’s (or is it a nation?)’s history and that of Ireland.

Ireland’s struggle for independence was, and to a degree is, keenly observed by other small nationalities with ambitions for statehood.

La Plaza de Santa María será el escenario elegido para subir el telón de esta nueva edición, al que se subirá (a partir de las 22,00 horas) Peter Crann, fundador de este cuarteto de amigos, que brindarán los temas tradicionales de la música irlandesa fusionándolos con funk, entre otros estilos.


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The Parlament will proclaim the Independent Republic of Catalonia on Thursday. Parliamentary sources have confirmed that in the plenary session to be held this Thursday in the Catalonian parliament, the mandate from October 1st will be made official. However, Senate President Pío García-Escudero has offered Puigdemont to attend the Senate in Madrid on Friday, which could (once again) distort the agenda in Barcelona and, therefore, leave the declaration of independence in the air...’. From Público here. It was later reported from a Catalonian news-site that Puigdemont would not visit Madrid and that the plenary session in the Catalonian parliament to discuss independence would begin today at 4.00pm.




Cerca de un millón de andaluces emigraron a Cataluña en los años sesenta: ¿Cuándo comenzó este proceso migratorio? ¿Cómo fue su llegada? ¿Hubo desarraigo? ¿Fueron bien acogidos?

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A comienzos de los años setenta, en Cataluña vivían 840.000 personas nacidas en Andalucía. Si a esta cifra añadimos los hijos nacidos ya en Cataluña, el total supera ampliamente el millón cien mil personas. Es decir: cerca de la mitad del total de andaluces que salieron de su tierra en pos de un futuro mejor – más de dos millones de personas- se instalaron en Cataluña. La magnitud de este fenómeno en los años sesenta y setenta fue tal que hubo quien dio en bautizar a Cataluña como “la novena provincia andaluza”. Tanto la importancia cuantitativa de esta migración, como sus características sociológicas y culturales específicas, han motivado que el último número de la revista Andalucía en la Historia, editada por el Centro de Estudios Andaluces, haya dedicado su dosier central a este movimiento de población.

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In times of struggle and unrest, violence often breaks out, violence wrapped in a flag: the skin heads of the far-right. Remarkably, Spain doesn’t have much of a far-right presence by European standards (although there are a few ‘alt-right’ newspapers).

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People power seems to have worked, for once. Well, a bit, anyway. In Murcia, ADIF, the company that is building the infrastructure for the AVE high speed train, has agreed to a climb down over its plans. The company had built an impassable – if ‘temporary’ – wall to bring the new line into safe harbour at the Murcia train station.

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The Catalonian referendum on independence, illegal or not, will (or perhaps won’t) be held on Sunday. The results may or may not give Carles Puigdemont the support to go ahead with his independence from Spain. They probably won’t be very conclusive, as the Spanish authorities are doing their utmost to put an oar in the proceedings and furthermore, not everyone who has an opinion will necessarily wish to vote in what is generally thought to be an illegal plebiscite.

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Few people enjoy flying these days, with no room for your legs, a small and sticky child in the seat next to you and a talkative mother making up the row. Behind, perhaps you will be rewarded with a loud collection of still-merry drunks and in front, inevitably somebody who has already put their seat back that full three inches before the plane has even taken off.


Flying seems to be an inconvenience that one must endure to top and tail one’s holiday, or visit, or business. At least (if nothing goes wrong at the airport) it has the virtue of being both quick and of course safe.

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Spain is a country where no one appears to buy the press any more (the biggest newspaper is El País with just 96,000 copies sold daily). Perhaps we get our news online, perhaps we watch it on the telly, and perhaps we don’t tune in at all.

A further €10 million in funding for more Family Hubs is being ring-fenced, as demand arises from Local Authorities, to be drawn down this year. This is in addition to funding announcements for Family Hubs in June.

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We are careful not to say – rather, to write – the wrong thing. Oh, someone on Facebook will set up a hue and cry because we didn’t ‘like’ the doggy picture, or we failed to support some post about alternative medicine or tattoos. We could be ostracised – which in Facebook terms means we are ‘unfollowed’. It’s a bit like being ‘Sent to Coventry’.

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Following on from the recent terror attack, Barcelona was host on Saturday to 500,000 people who had come to show their feelings against terrorism; the King of Spain and Mariano Rajoy were among them. But, anything to do with Catalonia means politics, and there are items aplenty to suit every position.

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