Man arrested over Manchester terror attack at Ariana Grande concert 

Armed police outside the National Football Museum, close to the Manchester Arena, the morning after a suicide bomber killed 22 people, including children, as an explosion tore through fans leaving a pop concert in Manchester 



A 23-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the Manchester bomb attack, Greater Manchester Police have confirmed. 

Witnesses have spoken of the moment a man sought in connection with the Manchester bomb attack was arrested by plain clothes police officers in south Manchester.

Nick Yates, 27, a graphic designer from Manchester, said he was leaving the Morrison's shopping centre in Chorlton, Manchester, when he saw the police.

"There was a black Mercedes van pulled up on the side of the road with six to eight police officers, all in plain clothes but wearing black caps with checkerboard marking," Mr Yates told the Press Association.

"Then as I crossed the road I saw a guy in handcuffs, sat on the floor against the wall."

After a minute or two a marked police van arrived at the scene on Wilbraham Road, said Mr Yates, at which point he left.

"I didn't get the impression that he looked overly concerned," he said of the handcuffed man.

"I think he was an Asian guy but I couldn't be sure, and he looked quite young."

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed the arrest of a 23-year-old man in south Manchester in connection with Monday night's bombing attack at the Manchester Arena.

Earlier today a street close to the Arndale Shopping Centre in the city centre has been evacuated with people seen running from it screaming.

Armed officers are on the scene and a cordon put in place. It is not known whether there is any connection with the attack.

Greater Manchester Police later said a controlled explosion has taken place at an address in Fallowfield as part of the investigation into the Manchester bomb attack.

Armed police sealed off Elsmore Road this morning as residents heard a large bang in the street.

Rosemary Ward, 21, said: "They were all running out of the house when a big bomb went off.

"That's obviously what it was because the whole house was shaking. Everyone was panicking.

"I heard there was 20 people in that one house. It was scary."

She said: "I'm shaking. I'm just worried about my child."

Ms Ward added: "It was the bang that shook us up. I started crying and just picked my child up."

She said the police operation was at about 11.30am.

Belfast City Hall will be lit in the colours of the Union flag on Tuesday night to show solidarity with the victims.

Here is what we know so far about last night's terrorist attack following the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena.

  • The first victim of the attack has been named by her college as Georgina Callander
  • 22 people have been killed and 59 have been injured in the blast
  • Children are among the dead
  • Many of the 59 people injured are being treated for life-threatening conditions
  • The attack was carried out by a lone male suicide bomber who detonated an improvised explosive device. He died at the arena
  • Police are investigating whether he acted alone or was part of a network
  • A vigil will be held at 6pm on Tuesday, in Albert Square, Manchester,
  • It is the worst terrorist attack in the UK since 56 people were killed in the 7/7 London bombings in 2005.
  • The explosion rocked the Manchester Arena at the conclusion of a performance by the American star Ariana Grande.
  • Manchester Arena said the explosion happened outside the venue, as people began streaming from the doors.
  • Greater Manchester Police said they were called to the venue at around 10.33pm and approach roads were closed.
  • They said the blast was "being treated as a terrorist incident".
  • More than 400 officers were deployed on the operation throughout Monday night.
  • Manchester Victoria station was evacuated and trains cancelled.
  • The victims are being treated at eight hospitals across Greater Manchester, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said.
  • :President Donald Trump expressed his "deepest condolences" to the victims and branded the attackers "evil losers".
  • Extra police officers have been put on duty in London in the wake of the attack, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick announced.
  • Andy Burnham, the Greater Manchester metro mayor, called the atrocity "an evil act".
  • Prime Minister Theresa May condemned what was being treated as an "appalling terrorist attack" and said she would chair a meeting of the Government's emergency Cobra committee on Tuesday.
  • All national General Election campaigning was suspended after the explosion.
  • A controlled explosion was carried out by police at the Cathedral Gardens area near Manchester Arena shortly after 1.30am.
  • Police said the suspicious item at the centre of the controlled explosion was just abandoned clothing.


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