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Perhaps it is time to know a little more about Ciudadanos (their webpage here) and their leader (and probably Spain’s next president) 38-year-old Albert Rivera (Wiki). As we have seen with the recent Women’s Strike, Albert is a fast learner. His party had said just before the event that they would not support the protest as ‘it was anti-Capitalist’.

El San Patricio malagueño no tiene nada que ver con el San Patricio irlandés, dicen los malagueños
Igualmente, los irlandeses suelen decir que casi todos los presidentes de los Estados Unidos son de origen irlandés. Y si no lo  fueron sus antepasados se lo inventan. A continuación se abre un bar o cafetería con el nombre del Presidente en turno y se dice que allí vivieron sus antepasados antes de emigrar a los Estados Unidos.

Por Martha Andrés Román

Washington, 11 mar (PL) El color verde se apoderó hoy de la capital estadounidense durante el tradicional desfile por el Día de San Patricio, el santo patrón de Irlanda, un evento anual que reverencia a la cultura de esa nación europea.


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Los españoles que se desplacen a Irlanda con fines  de llevar a cabo trabajos de investigación en las universidades u otras instituciones irlandesas, así como los estudiantes que se trasladen con becas Erasmus podrían encontrar de interés las actividades que organiza la Sociedad Española de Investigadores en Irlanda así como para conocer con fines académicos a otros investigadores españoles residentes en el país.  
Para información acerca de la citada Sociedad se sugiere consultar su página web :

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Today, Thursday, is International Woman’s Day. This year, it is also ‘La Huelga 8-M’: the first major Women’s protest across Spain. This strike has been called to show the inequality of women in Spain (despite notable advances in the last few years). Women are paid less for the same job (in some cases) and have higher unemployment; they work longer hours with lower-paid jobs, with further duties waiting for them at home; they suffer from insult, machismo, definition and language-use. They are preyed upon and sometimes beaten or even killed by their partners.

El Consejo de Residentes españoles de Irlanda,  cuya junta directiva está formada únicamente por mujeres desde que inició sus actividades en 2012,  ha organizado una mesa redondo y debate, en el Instituto Cervantes de Dublín, acerca de "Mujeres y Ciencia en Irlanda" así como la mujer en el mundo laboral, que tendrá lugar el jueves 8 de marzo de 2018 con motivo del Día de la Mujer. Moderadora: Teresa Gancedo, directora de la Oficina Española de Turismo en Dublín. 

El Aula María Zambrano de Estudios Transatlánticos de la Universidad de Málaga, en su apuesta por el fomento de las relaciones entre España e Irlanda, crea el premio de investigación Kate O’Brien centrado en la relación de los dos países en distintos ámbitos. La temática del premio incluye las relaciones literarias, bibliotecarias y trabajos de traducción en el periodo comprendido entre 1965 y la actualidad.

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One was always inclined to believe everything that appeared in the newspapers - as why would they lie or fabricate items? Perhaps during wars, the reports are manipulated a bit to encourage the populace to fresh efforts, but we are in Peacetime now.

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There has been quite a reaction to the Sunday Times article about the behaviour of the Spanish – loud, jolly and eat late – written by a British journalist who spent a few years in Barcelona. He has since apologised profusely (reproduced in full here). We can laugh at ourselves, but not so much when a foreigner has a joke at our expense.

There is, of course, plenty of material to be funny about since (thank Goodness), Europe is not a homogenised mass, but a huge collection of regions full of their own customs, charm and idiosyncrasies.

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It is hard to move to live in another country, surrounded by strangers, with different customs (although, we all seem to enjoy the challenge and the adventure). How hard is it, though, to return to one’s own country again? Perhaps age, or family concerns, or illness, or the death of one’s lifetime companion will be the leading reason why someone must return. How do they manage, once they are back? It is said that after ten years away from your country, you have moved a decade in one direction, while your old home has moved a decade in another.

Is there any help or advice back in the UK, or Germany or Holland for the weary son who returns to the homeland? Will they ‘kill the fatted calf’?

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Corruption is a lively preoccupation in modern countries and, in Spain, it is practically considered as part of the woodwork. Perhaps it is so common as to be dismissed with nothing more than a slightly embarrassed shrug. We would all do the same if we were in power, we hint with a dismissive smile. Certainly, a friend in local office tells of a new councillor from another party sidling up to him the other day and asking ‘well, now I’m in, so how do I make money?’

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The huge Madrid tour fair FITUR is held next week – starting on Wednesday and running through Sunday 21st. This massive event, under the light of eighty two million foreign visitors to Spain in 2017 together with any number of Spanish holidaymakers (Catalonia, disappointingly bucking the trend following the political upheaval there), will be a temporary home to an expected 10,000 exhibitors, as 2017’s figures were ‘9,893 exhibiting companies from 165 countries/regions, 135,858 trade participants and 107,213 people from the general public’. A video from LaSexta says that there were – in the first eleven months of 2017 – 18 million Britons, 11.4 million Germans and 10.7 million French visitors (no wonder they forget about us foreign residents). Does Spain (with a population of 46 million souls) need more tourists – or merely more income from tourism?

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