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The story of whether Cristina Cifuentes had somehow claimed a fake master’s degree from the Juan Carlos University leads the news this week. Cifuentes is the President of the Community of Madrid since 24 June 2015, following on from the disgraced Ignacio González. She is a ‘clean brush’ after the González wave of corruption.

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Such a mess in Catalonia. Following a document sent to the United Nations human rights committee stating that the Spanish government has “violated Carles Puigdemont’s right to participate in political life by forcing him to be in exile” (here), news comes that the UN has accepted the complaint and has asked Spain to answer. The whole performance could be dragged out for another twelve months. Puigdemont was arrested at the Danish/German frontier this Sunday and his car was found to have a geo-locator fixed to it by the Spanish secret service. This whole situation is understandably raising tensions in Catalonia.

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Easter is the first major festival, or holiday, of what in Spain can safely be called ‘the summer season’ (at least down here on the costa). The bars, beach bars, restaurants and nick-nack shops are all open once again, freshly painted and ready to work the cash registers. A headline says ‘Málaga to rake in €120 million during Semana Santa as celebrations to bring 1.4 million tourists’ (here). Easter outdoes itself in these days of tourism with more of a spectacle than ever, with longer processions and larger crowds, yet with more commercialism and less faith and fervour than in earlier times. A pointed cartoon from a newspaper a few years back shows female sunbathers spread on their beach-towels at the feet of the Holy Crucifixion. Only in Spain.

En Irlanda no existen culebras. Los irlandeses dicen que San Patricio  echó a todos. ¿Vino alguna a España a tomar el sol después de tanta lluvia? Did St. Patrick Ireland's patron saint really banish all the snakes?


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Perhaps it is time to know a little more about Ciudadanos (their webpage here) and their leader (and probably Spain’s next president) 38-year-old Albert Rivera (Wiki). As we have seen with the recent Women’s Strike, Albert is a fast learner. His party had said just before the event that they would not support the protest as ‘it was anti-Capitalist’.

El San Patricio malagueño no tiene nada que ver con el San Patricio irlandés, dicen los malagueños
Igualmente, los irlandeses suelen decir que casi todos los presidentes de los Estados Unidos son de origen irlandés. Y si no lo  fueron sus antepasados se lo inventan. A continuación se abre un bar o cafetería con el nombre del Presidente en turno y se dice que allí vivieron sus antepasados antes de emigrar a los Estados Unidos.

Por Martha Andrés Román

Washington, 11 mar (PL) El color verde se apoderó hoy de la capital estadounidense durante el tradicional desfile por el Día de San Patricio, el santo patrón de Irlanda, un evento anual que reverencia a la cultura de esa nación europea.


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Los españoles que se desplacen a Irlanda con fines  de llevar a cabo trabajos de investigación en las universidades u otras instituciones irlandesas, así como los estudiantes que se trasladen con becas Erasmus podrían encontrar de interés las actividades que organiza la Sociedad Española de Investigadores en Irlanda así como para conocer con fines académicos a otros investigadores españoles residentes en el país.  
Para información acerca de la citada Sociedad se sugiere consultar su página web :

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Today, Thursday, is International Woman’s Day. This year, it is also ‘La Huelga 8-M’: the first major Women’s protest across Spain. This strike has been called to show the inequality of women in Spain (despite notable advances in the last few years). Women are paid less for the same job (in some cases) and have higher unemployment; they work longer hours with lower-paid jobs, with further duties waiting for them at home; they suffer from insult, machismo, definition and language-use. They are preyed upon and sometimes beaten or even killed by their partners.

El Consejo de Residentes españoles de Irlanda,  cuya junta directiva está formada únicamente por mujeres desde que inició sus actividades en 2012,  ha organizado una mesa redondo y debate, en el Instituto Cervantes de Dublín, acerca de "Mujeres y Ciencia en Irlanda" así como la mujer en el mundo laboral, que tendrá lugar el jueves 8 de marzo de 2018 con motivo del Día de la Mujer. Moderadora: Teresa Gancedo, directora de la Oficina Española de Turismo en Dublín. 

El Aula María Zambrano de Estudios Transatlánticos de la Universidad de Málaga, en su apuesta por el fomento de las relaciones entre España e Irlanda, crea el premio de investigación Kate O’Brien centrado en la relación de los dos países en distintos ámbitos. La temática del premio incluye las relaciones literarias, bibliotecarias y trabajos de traducción en el periodo comprendido entre 1965 y la actualidad.

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One was always inclined to believe everything that appeared in the newspapers - as why would they lie or fabricate items? Perhaps during wars, the reports are manipulated a bit to encourage the populace to fresh efforts, but we are in Peacetime now.