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Minister of State Ó Aodhán Ó Ríordáin T.D., today ( 9 December, 2015 ) announced that Culture Ireland has awarded €1.2m for Irish artists and arts organisations to support the presentation of Irish arts globally in 2016
The projects covering circus, dance, film, literature, music, theatre and the visual arts will take place across 35 countries in 2016. Included in the funding is annual support for key partner organisations, The Irish Arts Center New York and Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris for their programmes presenting Irish artists in these key venues. The other three annually funded bodies are First Music Contact, who will support an increased programme of Irish bands globally in 2016 with a special focus on Ireland at Canadian Music Week, Irish Literature Exchange for promotion of Irish writers abroad and Irish Film Institute International for its global presentation of Irish films at festivals and venues.
The grant funding will facilitate Irish arts events in priority countries such as Brazil, Russia, China, India in addition to various European countries, the United States and Canada. A significant number of the events will take place over the St Patrick’s Day period which offers a special opportunity to highlight the strength of Irish artists at a time when there is a global focus on Ireland.  These events span Irish traditional bands touring the US to Irish film, music and theatre festival in Moscow.
Many Irish visual artists will be presented at key international art fairs throughout 2016 including fairs in Hong Kong, New York, Brussels and London. A strong and diverse programme of Irish musicians will perform at Celtic Connections in Glasgow in January while the Irish Chamber Orchestra directed by Jörg Widmann will undertake two tours toGermany/Switzerland in April/June.
Minister of State, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, commenting on the awards, said that "Irish artists continue to attract critical acclaim globally and high profile venues around the world continually seek to programme Irish work. The support awarded by Culture Ireland helps to ensure that Irish artists continue to reach international audiences and foster new connections worldwide, maintaining Ireland's reputation as a country of strong creativity. "For the full list of projects funded see:

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