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6B55E258 4A95 4399 A067 FD2AC5FCD2B3‘I weave because I love creating life. I do not leave my loom until the fabric breathes.’
Gerd Hay-Edie, 1956
In an exciting collaboration with The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland we'll soon be packing up a loom and a suitcase full of bobbins and heading to London to weave live at the London Design Festival.
Mourne Textiles will be part of the showcase exhibition ‘Ó’ at Tent London from 24-27 September. 

‘Ó’ means ‘from’ in Irish and the exhibition will bring together a diverse range of designers and makers from Ireland. In our pop-up atelier, we will recreate our rural Northern Irish workshop giving visitors the opportunity to watch us weaving live.

Master weaver Karen and her apprentices will throw shuttles across the loom. Each day they’ll weave a different design from our new Monochrome Range. Shaggy Dog, Mended Tweed and Tweed Emphasize are all heritage fabrics first designed by Gerd Hay-Edie in the 1950s.

Our fresh designs for this season will be showcased at Tent. We’ll be located in Hall G5 on the Ground Floor and welcome you to come by for a chat, and to learn more about traditional weaving techniques and the provenance of our yarns.

Mourne Textiles fabric will also be displayed on a set of Robin Day Centenary chairs  - dotted about the festival as part of the Day in London series of exhibitions. The chairs will also be at the V&A Museum exhibition Robin Day Works in Wood.
Mourne Textiles was founded by the Norwegian award-winning master weaver Gerd Hay-Edie back in 1947.
Gerd went on to collaborate with design icon Robin Day for Hille & Co and Terence Conran, and supply her beautiful handwoven fabrics to design institutions such as Liberty of London, Hardy Aimes and House of Lachasse.
Gerd’s entrepreneurial spirit and creativity thrives today. The original workshop is nestled at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland, where the incredible landscape and changing seasons continue to inspire, as well as being home to the treasured design archive and legacy left by Gerd to her family.
The studio is now run by Karen Hay-Edie and Mario Sierra - Gerd's daughter and grandson. Using the original looms and machinery imported by Gerd from Norway in the 1940’s, they are proud to continue the legacy of Mourne Textiles and remain passionate about their craft. Gerd’s designs are once again brought to life in rich, vibrant tones and stunning textures, the majority of which are all still hand woven.
To request an interview, a studio visit in London or Northern Ireland, information on the design archive, product & lifestyle imagery or samples, please contact the team at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. {jcomments on}


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