The Prime Minister welcomed Mourne Textiles to No 10 for a reception to celebrate the success of the United Kingdom’s Creative Industries.


From the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, family-run Mourne Textiles prides itself on handwoven products, from cushions, rugs, scarfs, to blankets, using traditional loom weaving techniques.

Along with Mourne Textiles, the Prime Minister will also welcome publishers, artists, actors, directors of art galleries and theatres and craftspeople to celebrate the contribution of Creative Industries to all parts of the UK.

To showcase the sector’s success, companies including Warner Bros, bespoke shoe makers CarreDucker, London Craft Week, high-end jean maker Huit Denim and furniture Maker Angus Ross will join Mourne Textiles in exhibiting their products in Downing Street.

During the reception, which will include guests from Universal Music, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, Pinewood Studios and the National Theatre, the Prime Minister will also praise the creative industries, which contribute £92 billion to the UK economy, providing work for more than two million people right across the country.

The reception builds on the support provided to the sector as part of the £150 million invested by government and industry across the UK through the ambitious Industrial Strategy deal for the creative industries.

Ahead of the reception, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Our creative industries are at the heart of what makes the United Kingdom great, from the big screen to the local craft maker. Our films captivate audiences the world over, our fashion designers surprise and delight, our architects are shaping skylines and cityscapes on every continent.

“Preserving and enhancing the UK’s craft and design industry is an important part of our cultural heritage. That’s why I would like to welcome family-run Mourne Textiles to Downing Street today. It is wonderful to see them continuing their craft legacy in the Mourne Mountains – with their unique handwoven fabrics and pieces.”

Mario Sierra, Creative Director of Mourne Textiles said:

“I’m delighted that Mourne Textiles has been chosen to represent the creative industries from Northern Ireland at Downing Street, and to be able to showcase our products, that illustrate the quality of design, skill and craftsmanship in the region. 

“Craft, in its many forms is part of our cultural heritage and should be celebrated and nurtured.

“We are bringing production hand loom weaving back to the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland and retraining a new generation of handloom weavers.

“Our mission is to encourage people to see the skill, value and importance of the craft within the local community and to the wider world and to encourage a rural industries revival.”

The company was invited to represent Northern Ireland at No 10 as part of London Craft Week which showcases innovative craftsmanship from across the UK. 

Guy Salter, Founder & Chairman of London Craft week said: “It is very fitting that the day before London Craft Week the Prime Minister is celebrating Britain’s Creative Industries of which craft is a proud part and we are delighted to be able to showcase some of the remarkably gifted independent makers who are taking part in the week.”

Notes to editors

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