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Article 1. Objective

Mr José Antonio Sierra Lumbreras and the University of Málaga, through the Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies UMA – ATECH, in order to encourage research and arouse the interest in the relations between Spain and Ireland in any academic and/or scientific discipline, announce the George Campbell Award of the Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies.


Article 2. Candidate requirements

Any researcher related to any university from Spain or Ireland during the academic year in which this award is announced can participate.

Article 3. Works requirements

Applicants must present research works on the relations in any field (history, culture, politics, society, economy, etc.) between Ireland and Spain, during the 1965-present period.

The report should contain, at the very least, title, abstract, keywords, introduction, procedure, results (if required by the nature of the work), conclusions and references.

Length should be no shorter than 150 pages. Annexes and references will be excluded from the final count.

The text formatting must be as follows: Word format; font type, Times New Roman 12; spacing 1.5; left and right margins, 3 cm; top and bottom margins, 2.5 cm; A4 size.

Works written in Spanish or English will be considered.

Published text and/or previously awarded must not be submitted.

Article 4. Monetary award

The total monetary award is 1,200 € in each edition. The awards will be divided as follows:

1,200 € for the best work.

Secondary award for the second best work.

Article 5. Application processing

Applications must be sent by post to the address of Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies:

Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies

C/ Arquitecto Francisco Peñalosa, 18

Edificio de Investigación Ada Byron

Ampliación del Campus de Teatinos,

Universidad de Málaga

29071, Málaga (España)

Shipping must contain the following documents:

Participation application

Work copy

ID card or passport copy

Copy of the accreditation document of the relation with a Spanish or Irish university.

Likewise, participants must send a scanned copy of the participation application to the e-mail address Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..

Applications should be submitted until six months from the following day to the publication of this edition in the website www.uma.es/amzet.

Article 6.Application review

Applications submitted in due time and form will be reviewed by a Selection Committee consisting of:

Director of Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies or a person to whom he/she delegates.

Lecturer from the University of Málaga.

International advisor of Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies.

Two Irish university and institutions’ representatives.

Once the submitted works were reviewed, the Selection Committee will publish the resolution in the previously mentioned website. Likewise, the awarded participants will be personally notified by e-mail.

The non-compliance of the requirements, plagiarism, and/or the non-disclosure, alteration or any manipulation of data carried out by the participant should be cause of rejection.

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