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The event announced the George Campbell Award, which aims to encourage the research on relationships between both countries.

The Aula María Zambrano of HYPERLINK "http://www.uma.es/amzet"TranslatlanticHYPERLINK "http://www.uma.es/amzet" Studies UMA - ATECH held the Fifth Transatlantic Tribune "Bilateral Relations Spain-Ireland" in the Rectorate Building of the University of Málaga organised along with the Universidad de Málaga. The meeting focused on the links established between both countries throughout history, addressing also present and future issues, and putting the spotlight on the Ireland role in the European Union. During the presentation participated Juan Antonio García Galindo, Vice Rector of Institutional Policy of the University of Málaga and Director of Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies, and José Antonio Sierra, former Director of Cervantes Institute at Dublin and benefactor of the George Campbell Award from the Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies of the University of Málaga.


This new edition was opened with the presentation of the George Campbell Award intended for researchers related to Spanish or Irish universities whose works should be focused on the relations in any field between both countries, during the 1965-2000 period. García Galindo said of the award: "We want to strengthen our relations, with George Campbell as a referent, by creating an academic research award with the participation of Spanish and Irish universities’ graduates. Once this award implements, there is going to be greater chances to speak about the relations between Spain and Ireland, from the concrete interactions that will be submitted to this award edition." On the other hand, Sierra welcomed the University of Málaga support for implementing the creation of George Campbell Award specifying that its relation with Ireland began at his early age: he was born in the north of the Spanish province of Ávila and was strengthened thanks to his paternal grandfather, who always said repeatedly that Irish people were like Spanish people.

Next, Carlos Pérez Torres, poet and narrator, provided a profile of the painter titled "Semblanza George Campbell, pintor (1917-1979" [Biographical sketch of George Campbell, painter (1917-1979)], where assistants got the chance to see part of his work together with photographs from his personal collection highlighting the relation with the enthusiastic and self-taught artist. Later, Patricia Trainor (University of Málaga), continued with the presentation "Mito y poesía en los encuentros de España e Irlanda" [Myths and poetry in Spain and Ireland encounters], with a review of the cultural and mythological aspects that links both countries, pointing out the great affinity existing between the Spanish and the Irish.

Finally, Magdalena Martín Martínez, Assistant Director of Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies, started the "Conversación entre diplomáticos de ambos países" [Conversation between Spanish and Irish diplomats]. Mrs. Caitlin Higgins Ni Chinneide, First Secretary of Consular Affairs of the Irish Embassy in Spain, stressed that the bilateral relations are at such a very positive point that they are willing to contribute to this exciting relation, both at a bilateral level and as European Union partners, which has been crucial for the development of Ireland and Spain in recent years. Also, José Antonio de Yturriaga Barberán, Spanish Ambassador in Ireland from 1987 to 1991, emphasised that the years he spent in Ireland were the most pleasant ones of his life, pointing out that the George Campbell Award of the Aula María Zambrano is a great opportunity to improve the knowledge between Spain and Ireland. In this regard, de Yturriaga added that in the post-Brexit Europe, the union between Spain and Ireland could have a very important role.

This is the fifth tribune held by the Aula María Zambrano, which has consolidated as an encouraging space for the reflection about the Atlantic World from its emergence until 2012.

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