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PELÍCULA-PELIKULA, the Spanish Film Festival featuring the best of Spanish and Latin American cinema, will continue with a second leg at Intramuros. Presented by Instituto Cervantes, the Embassy of Spain-AECID, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), Intramuros Administration, and the NCCA, the second run of the Spanish Film Festival will screen 16 full-length films and 5 short films.

After its first leg in Greenbelt 3 Cinemas, and as a great novelty in this year’s edition, PELICULA invites the public of Manila to enjoy more movies in the second leg of the Festival, which will be free of charge and will be held in the NCCA Building, Intramuros.
From 19 to 25 October, the halls of the NCCA will host the exhibition entitled “Spanish Cinema in 20 Posters”, a journey through the history of Spanish cinema by means of the posters of some of its most emblematic films, encouraging one to reflect on its history and to be inspired by the beauty of the advertising graphics, illuminating the visual style of the different cinematic periods.
As a complement to the exhibition, the theater of the NCCA will be the venue of Iconos del cine español, a film series of six iconic films that made history in Spanish cinema --namely Bienvenido Míster Marshall (1953), Muerte de un ciclista (1955), Viridiana (1961), Cría cuervos (1973), La colmena (1982) and Blancanieves (2012).
PELICULA is not just a caucus for Spanish cinema, but also offers a look into Latin American cinema and the voices emerging from a continent that mainly expresses itself in Spanish. Colombian cinema is one of the most interesting and dynamic of its kind in Latin America. On October 24, thanks to the collaboration of the Embassy of Colombia in Manila, the Festival will dedicate a whole day screening session of recent Colombian productions, showing Cazando luciérnagas (2013), the documentary  Gabo: la magia de lo real (2015) and the multi-awarded feature film Los hongos (2014).
Presented by Instituto Cervantes, the Embassy of Spain–AECID, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), Intramuros Administration, and Ayala Malls Cinemas, PELÍCULA is made possible by Maersk, Rustan’s, NCCA, Emperador Distillers, Ayala Malls Cinemas & Greenbelt, Vibal Foundation, Qatar Airways, Buzz Productions, and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Ayala Museum, the Embassy of Argentina, the Embassy of Mexico, the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Embassy of Colombia, Bodegas Vivanco and Barcino.   
The entrance to the exhibit and the screenings is FREE, on a first-come, first-served basis. For the schedule, line-up of films and further information on the Festival, please visit the official website of Instituto Cervantes (www.manila.cervantes.es) or log on {jcomments on}

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