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José Antonio Sierra corresponsal de Xornal de Galicia en Dublín, desplazado para hablar con muchos venezolanos que hacían cola para votar en contra de las reformas de Nicolás Maduro. NO son burgueses capitalistas con medios. Estan fregando platos, trabajando de camareros, limpiando casas o haciendo lo que pueden para subsistir. NO SON FASCISTAS NI CAPITALISTAS. Así lo dice la prensa de Irlanda.

Venezuelans vote in referendum on ousting Maduro - Telegraph

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hace 21 horas -The day appeared likely to deliver the "overwhelming"vote againstMr Maduro predicted by the ... Venezuela'sPresident Nicolas Maduro.

Hundreds of Venezuelans turn out in Tallaght to cast vote against their ...

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hace 19 horas -A view of the longqueueof people waiting tovotein Tallaght this ... to reject plans byPresident Nicolas Maduroto rewrite the constitution.

Venezuelan's vote in unofficial poll, in defiance of Nicolas Maduro ...

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Venezuelansvotein an unofficial poll overPresident Nicolas Maduro'scontroversial plans to create a ...

France labour reform: Hundreds of thousands protest | Political ...

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Students throw stonesagainstriot police officers during their protestagainst... who were protesting about pre-tickedvotingslips and ten-hourqueuesfor polling stations ..... (L) in their International rugby union match at Aviva stadium inDublin. .... demonstrator protestingagainst President Nicolas Maduro'sgovernment ...

News- Breaking News, Headlines, Photos and Video | The Citizen

9 jul. 2017 -Trump vows to fight fake news with a Polishpresidentwho's tried to gag the press ... The organization said Trump's election "set off a witch huntagainstjournalists. ......votersoff his predecessors Francois Hollande andNicolasSarkozy ...reformsthrough parliament -- where Macron's Republic on the Move ...

Britain needs Brexit debate, says woman behind legal challenge

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LONDON (Reuters) - Many Britishvoterswere fooled intovotingto quit the European ... and the best decision would be to renegotiate membership andreformthe EU. ... do not want to do:vote againstthe views of many of their own constituents. .... backagainst President Nicolas Maduro'scrackdown on bakeries and bakers, ...

FPI Overnight Brief: June 23, 2016 | Foreign Policy Initiative

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The Carabinieri's return to CampDublinlast year is an illustration of .... Tayyip Erdogan largely indifferent to its criticism and weakening an anchor of Turkishreform. .... Officials in Washington have expressed concern that a Britishvoteto exit the .... signatures to begin a recall referendumagainst President Nicolas Maduro, ...

Ireland: First voters hit the polls for same-sex marriage ... - Vbox7

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... arrived to cast avoteon Ireland's marriage equality referendum inDublinon Friday. ... Portugal PM SeesVotersBackingReformsto Avoid New Crises ... Venezuela's parliament grantedPresident Nicolas Madurodecree powers on Sunday for the .... Spain: Protesters marchagainstgovt. corruption and impunity in Madrid ...

NationStates • View topic - 2014 - Real World RP (IC/CLOSED)

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4 dic. 2013 - 25 entradas - ‎16 autores
EUP Resolution 1 - 2014 - GeneralReformand Powers Act ... of the European Union above the age of majority having the right tovote. ...QUEUED: EUP Resolution 2 - 2014 - EUFOR CAR - Proposed by .... World:PresidentMaduro has extended an invitation to Bolivian ...... From:President Nicolas Maduro

Douglas Carswell | Home

"Governmentreformsare projected to increase inequality", claims the IFS. ...... WithPresidentTrump, Britain will move from the back of thequeuefor a trade deal .... We've been told thevotewas just a protestagainstthe Tories – o




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